To the memory of those illustrious Frenchmen of a century ago, Quesnay, Turgot, Mirabeau, Condorcet, Dupont, and their fellows, who, in the night of despotism, foresaw the glories of the coming day.

Author's dedication

Protection or Free Trade

An Examination of the Tariff Question
with Especial Regard to the Interests of Labor

By Henry George. Original edition, 1886. This abridgment was done by F. C. R. Douglas, and published in 1929 by the Henry George Foundation of Great Britain. Prepared for the Web by Lindy Davies.

You can also read the unabridged edition here.

Chapter 1 — Introductory 
Chapter 2 — Clearing Ground 
Chapter 3 — Protection as a Universal Need 
Chapter 4 — Trade 
Chapter 5 — Protection and Producers 
Chapter 6 — Tariffs for Revenue 
Chapter 7 — Tariffs for Protection 
Chapter 8 — The Encouragement of Industry 
Chapter 9 — Exports and Imports 
Chapter 10 — Confusions Arising from the Use of Money 
Chapter 11 — Do High Wages Necessitate Protection? 
Chapter 12 — Of Advantages and Disadvantages as Reasons for Protection 
Chapter 13 — Protection and Producers 
Chapter 14 — Protection and Wages 
Chapter 15 — The Abolition of Protection 
Chapter 16 — Inadequacy of the Free Trade Argument 
Chapter 17 — The Real Strength of Protection 
Chapter 18 — The Paradox 
Chapter 19 — The Robber that Takes All that is Left 
Chapter 20 — True Free Trade 
Chapter 21 — Free Trade and Socialism 
Chapter 22 — Practical Politics 
Chapter 23 — Appendices